Our friends from the Conservation Alliance accepted this film from us as a gift and posted the comments below:

“The backcountry brings piece of mind that can be found nowhere else. Our wild places are under threat. It must be protected.” -John Sterling.

From Ryan Hanlon, the filmmaker:
“While working on a documentary about Stop SkiLink in Utah, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing John Sterling of the Conservation Alliance. It was great to chat with him and gather his insight into not only SkiLink but other issues that affect our environment. One thing that really stood out from our talk was his story about taking his daughter backpacking for the first time…”that first experience in the wild”. I have a 3 year old daughter and his story reminded me of her and how I hope to take her backpacking some day as well. It’s a story that is a simple reminder of how important our wild spaces are….for us and our kids.”

Learn more about The Conservation Alliance at http://www.conservationalliance.com/