Hey gang, it’s Ryan Hanlon, your fearless leader over at GebbsTV.com! Thought I would give a sneak peek at what is the next step in marketing just about anything….and I mean ANYTHING! Why? Here’s why, I like to do and experience just about everything from Drag Racing with Dad to camping with the kiddos to wineries with the wife….and when you like to do stuff, you usually like to see what stuff looks like before you go there or stay somewhere or try something…..Right??? The problem I see is that hardly anyone has any video of what their space looks like. If I want to visit a Restaurant, a winery, a hotel, a bar, a racetrack, a campground, a cabin in the woods, an ad agency office, a house for sale, etc, etc….I can never locate what it truly looks like. And what happens? I don’t visit these places and they lose out on my revenue. So why don’t folks showcase their special place with a proper video tour? Why?…..the why is because there just isn’t enough knowledge out there about how to put video to use and there isn’t exactly a qualified filmmaker on every corner.  On a weekly basis I am coaching and educating schools, speakers, non-profits and small businesses on why they should consider video. I’m not selling as much as I’d like to be because the market is unknown. I’m simply building trust in my video skills by educating and providing case studies from other clients that have successfully utilized video with us. Of course, the big issue often times is….”well, you guys are great but I can’t afford video”….and I say..”but you can afford to keep spending thousands of dollars on brochures or tiny banner ads on random sites or other out-dated modes of marketing???” CUE Blank Stare! The money for video is there but this form of marketing is so new that it is the conversion that takes time. Ultimately, My goal with these video tours or what we call Glidecam tours is to make video affordable and accessible. Give the people something that they can be proud of, with good music and good information at a price they can afford. Then, later,  they’ll be ready for the real promo film once they see the great service these simple and effective films offer to everyday consumers like me…..that are tired of looking at Google Images from Iphones of your special place!


To see more of our video tours check out: https://vimeo.com/channels/370459