Hello my friends! Just thought I would add a little post about music. Picking the right song for my films begins even before we start rolling and I take the music component of our projects very seriously. It is a huge part of these stories we are telling. People always ask me about how I choose music….and I can’t really explain it but ever since I was a kid I lived in an imaginary soundtrack world….whenever I would be experiencing something I’d imagine music accompanying it. And this was a pre-internet world…a time where you listened to every song on the cassette tape, usually a mix tape, ha-ha! And I was very lucky that my older siblings, especially my sister Bridget, was always listening to wonderful music like U2, The Cure and R.E.M. to name a few, which had a huge influence on me. When my classmates were discussing the finer points of Motley Crue, I was busy listening to Echo and the Bunnymen or Depeche Mode….I loved those ethereal sounds and stories that were so visual and dreamy.   From about age 8 to 18 my family had a cabin in the country that my dad fixed up and we had some old motorcycles (that my dad also fixed up, ha-ha!)….my sister and I spent many a weekend riding our motorcycles and swimming in the lake….and I always remember the music of those days. Even now when I hear Tears for Fears, Everybody Wants to Rule the World….that opening sound instantly takes me back to a hot summer day on the way to the cabin with my sister in her old Chevy Nova. Music provides that perfect memory recall, a flashback to a place in time that is gone but will forever live in your mind’s eye. Who knows, maybe some day I’ll make a film about my summer’s at the cabin on my motorcycle, creating the soundtrack of my life.

Ryan Hanlon